AT&T Suffering National U-Verse Voice Outage – ‘Equipment problem’ says carrier…

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Users in our AT&T U-Verse forum note — and AT&T confirms — that the company has suffered from a national U-Verse voice outage for much of the day so far. AT&T isn’t being specific about what’s wrong outside of saying they’re having an “equipment problem” and they’re working hard to fix it. AT&T recently had another national U-Verse Voice outage on May 16, but it was overnight so users didn’t notice. This one users are definitely noticing, based on discussion in our forums, the official U-Verse forum, and on Twitter. Data services appear to be fine, but all calls (local, long distance, or 911) result in a busy signal for users.

Update: AT&T says they’ve restored service for most U-Verse Voice customers. “We continue work to restore service for a small number of customers still impacted,” the company tells us.

Update 2: AT&T now says service has been restored for all users.
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