Browser Battle Between Microsoft and Google Intensifies

There certainly has been a great deal of news coverage of this story; I guess a good “Browser Battle” is always interesting …

The browser war between Microsoft and Google has intensified. The software and Internet search giants are going head-to-head in attracting and keeping users of their popular Internet browsers.

Microsoft, which has dominated the browser market for years, is quickly losing market share to Google’s Chrome browser. That was made clear when Microsoft’s share of the browser market fell below 60 percent in April, while Chrome’s share increased by nearly 25 percent.

The battle between the two grew stronger on Tuesday when Google shared new features of its browser, Chrome 5 beta for Windows, Mac and Linux. The release of Chrome 5 beta came just six weeks after Microsoft provided developers with a sneak peek at Internet Explorer 9 touting some its new features.

Both companies are touting the new preview and beta versions’ speed. Google Chrome 5 beta release boasts the best speed to date, according to Mads Ager, a Google software engineer. It also provides a 30 percent improvement on the Chrome’s JavaScript engine (V8) and 35 percent improvement over the previous release in code compression, 3D ray tracing, and cryptography bemchmark testing.

Improvements in speed also means users will be able experience web pages load at 2,700 frames per second, a faster rate than what competitors, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera Software’s Opera and IE offer.

Support, Not Speed

While a speedy browser is a must to Internet users, it is not the differentiating feature.

Consumers and developers are seeking support for the multiple applications that will run on the browsers.

At the core of the Chrome 5 beta are new HTML5 features including Geolocation APIs, App Cache, and drag and drop capabilities, according to the company. Also included for the first time is an integrated Adobe Flash Player plug-in, which enables users to browse secure, rich web sites….

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