Cable Companies Finally Forced To Address Customer Satisfaction – Maybe someday they’ll be forced to address bi-annual rate hikes?

I’d be happy if my cable company would just let me choose the channels that I want, a la carte, instead of sticking me with a whole bunch of channels that I never watch …

According to the Associated Press, cable customers are supposedly getting their “revenge” on cable operators that for years faced no real competition — so didn’t much have to care whether customers were happy or not. A focus on acquisition of new carriers and markets also left many cable operators struggling to support a huge influx of customers, and now the focus appears to be in slowing down and actually bothering to make sure those customers are getting a good experience. After years of coming in last in these surveys, cable operators are making small gains due to a number of changes, notes AP:

Comcast, the nation’s largest cable TV provider, is making incremental changes that it hopes will collectively improve its reputation. It’s offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on all services to unhappy customers and a $20 credit if the technician shows up late, even if he had called to say he’d be late. It also is testing a service that lets customers call to get the technician’s estimated time of arrival. Embarrassing snafus such as the hammer incident prompted Comcast to undergo a top-to-bottom assessment of its customer service.

You’ll probably recall that 2007 hammer incident. The article also notes how Cox is testing a technician scheduling system that lets users pick specific times for installs instead of two hour blocks. While the AP focuses on customer satisfaction you’ll note there’s still not a lot of competing on price. Many bundle and promotional discounts give the illusion of value more than value itself — and customers still face often bi-annual rate hikes. That was supposed to be helped by the phone companies entry into the TV business — but they’ve been hiking rates right alongside the cable companies.

Have you been seeing a better support/installation experience from your cable company?
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