Configure Firefox To Stay Always On Top

Here’s a handy tip for Firefox users …

Window management applications like Power Menu often include options to set a program window to stay always on top on the Windows desktop. This can be useful if the program or window is accessed regularly or if it displays information that need to be visible all the time.

Firefox might be such a program that users want to keep on top all the time. Up until now this could only be done with third party programs like Power Menu.

The Firefox add-on Always On Top changes this. It adds a new function to the Firefox browser to set the state of the Firefox window to always on top which basically means that no other window can be moved – either manually or automatically – in front of the Firefox window. Windows that are moved there will be automatically placed in the background of the Firefox window.

Always On Top places a new button in the Firefox navigation toolbar. Pressing this button will change the state to always on top. The state can be reversed by pressing the button again. The button will indicate if the stay on top state is active or not.

firefox always on top

It is possible to move the button to another location or toolbar by right-clicking on free space in one of the toolbars and selecting customize from the options. This is helpful for users who do not use the navigation toolbar in the Firefox browser.

Always On Top can be downloaded and installed from the Mozilla Add-on repository.

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