Cox Finally Ready To Launch New TV GUI – tru2way IPG five years in the making…

I’d appreciate it if they’d just let us choose our channel lineup a la carte, instead of making us buy a whole package of channels …

After five years in the oven, Cox Communications is getting ready to unveil their new tru2way-based interactive program guide (IPG). The new TV GUI offers three-pane navigation and should arrive with a bevy of other features including a whole-home DVR (now becoming standard among most carriers), more interactive applications and a larger HD channel lineup. Cox will only be offering the upgrade in a few markets at first (including Orange County, California), but plans to expand the new IPG to all markets before the end of the year. The upgraded guide will be made available to Cox customers as part of the “Plus Package,” which includes multiroom DVR service, additional DVR storage space and additional high-definition channels.
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