Time Warner Cable Demonstrates 290 Mbps Cable – ‘The first time these speeds have been shown outside of labs…’

Speeds this high truly boggle my mind; and if you’re old enough to remember the dial-up days, I’m sure you feel the same way …

Time Warner Cable is demonstrating 290 Mbps downstream and 90 Mbps upstream cable broadband at The Cable Show in Los Angeles. The demo uses an Arris CMTS and cable modems from both Arris and Motorola — connected to the Los Angeles headend — using 8 x 4 channel bonding. “This is the first time these speeds have been shown outside of labs,” says a TWC spokesman of the demo. Time Warner Cable says they were responding to recent a recent Alcatel Lucent announcement of 300 Mbps DSL — which may or may not ever actually make it out into the real world. “What they ve got is something in the lab that goes 10 feet, and what we re showing is live from our headend 22 miles away,” says the company. Of course despite posting their best quarter ever recently, the company is lagging far behind many operators in terms of getting DOCSIS 3.0 actually out into the field.
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