What are the Benefits of a Console Server that also Includes Power Reboot Capabilities?

A device that includes both console port access and power management capabilities is a benefit to any network. A hybrid console server allows access to command functions as well as the ability to turn the unit on or off or to reboot the unit if necessary. Normally, a standard console server would only allow you to see that the unit was not working, but would not include the ability to physically reboot a device, thus defeating the purpose of the remote access. The same goes for a power unit – you may be able to turn it on and off and reboot it, but you do not have access to the unit’s command functions in order to see what was happening within the unit. Adding power management to a console server makes the unit a truly remote unit.

Another benefit of having a power option on your console server is that if network switches that are connected to the unit happen to go down, it is possible to not only see that they are down, but also to reboot them and watch them restart. Being able to view the reboot through the console port means that you would be able to look for problems or errors in the start-up scripts that could indicate why the device went down in the first place. This helps to maximize up-time and network efficiency, all without having to physically access the devices themselves. This means that when a network switch goes down, you don’t need to spend additional money to send a person out to fix the problem. It can all be done remotely.

Another advantage of a console server and power combo unit is that it maximizes rack space by combining two units into one. One unit of rack space equals eight console ports and four switched power outlets. This means that space can be better utilized and saved for important network equipment.

Western Telematic, Inc. (WTI) designs and manufactures Serial Console Server products and Rack Mount PDU products to simplify remote management of rack mount network equipment.

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