Your ISP And Your Router Want To Hit You With Redirection Ads – Users note that Cisco ‘feature’ still annoys…

If you’ve been getting redirected to a lot of strange, ad-filled pages lately, this might explain why …

Of course the majority of large ISPs now engage in DNS redirection advertisement, which creates a new revenue stream for ISPs by redirecting users to an ad-laden search portal instead of a 404 when they enter a misspelled or nonexistent URL. Now users in our Linksys forum note that some Linksys-branded routers are hijacking user 404s and redirecting users to a Yahoo ad portal before their ISP even gets the chance. Fortunately it looks like the “feature” can be disabled, only comes in certain models — and of course you can always install third-party custom firmware — which often provides more functionality anyway. Update: Or not. User uid://1458205 writes in annoyed:

“I have a WRT 110 router And it has no disable settings and does not support 3rd party firmware. No DD-WRT or Sveasoft support because of the Ralink chipset. The specifications for this chipset classify it as supporting Draft-N, though Linksys documentation says that it is only a Wireless-G model that works with Wireless-N. Also, factory router configuration and firmware have Wireless-N capabilities and user-configurable options.”

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