How does MIB Support Help a Serial Console Server?

SNMP MIB support is a crucial element for console server applications. MIB support enables the console server to address and interpret commands given by third party software such as Openview or Solaris. This allows the unit to receive and understand commands issued by third party software. Ideally, a serial console server should also include a predefined MIB library in order to provide greater compatibility with enterprise management solutions, and provide easy access to configuration functions, status displays and operating features.

In addition to allowing easy, remote access to operating, status and configuration functions, SNMP MIB commands can also be used to set up event notification capabilities. When the console server generates an alarm, or when certain types of events are detected, MIB functions can be tailored to provide specific notification strategies for specific types of events or alarms.

MIB support can also prove very handy for users who are faced with the task of deploying multiple, identical units by simplifying the task of setting up each unit with identical or nearly identical configuration parameters. Rather than manually accessing each individual unit, network administrators can build a single configuration file and then send that to each desired unit, with complete assurance that each unit will be configured with identical parameters.

In addition, MIB support also allows the IT administrator to essentially tie all relevant network equipment together, providing a single point of access for invoking operating commands and reviewing status for many different devices via a single interface.

It’s also important to note that all major server, router, firewall and blade server companies have their own specific MIB package that is specifically designed to allow standardized, remote access to command and configuration functions on their various devices. Typically, these MIB files will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but at the same time allow compatibility with a wide variety of MIB based enterprise management solutions.

MIB support is an important element in modern data centers, because MIB commands can be used to capture and send critical information to end users, notifying users when a device has failed or if a component has stopped working. A console server plays a critical role in keeping a network up and running by providing out-of-band access to vital command functions when normal channels of communication are not available. A full featured console server can maximize system “up-time” and help prevent small problems from turning into huge disasters, and with SNMP MIB compatibility a network administrator can constantly monitor the health of equipment racks in order to make certain that the network is available when it’s needed the most.

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