Opera 10.60 Beta Released, Fastest Browser Gets Even Faster

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Someone must have flipped a switch over at the Opera headquarters in Norway. The developers of the popular Opera browser have accelerated development of the browser over the last months.

The release of the highly acclaimed Opera 10.50 did not seem to have slowed down the developers who have now made available the first beta of the upcoming Opera 10.60.

Opera 10.60 snapshot users can update the browser to the beta release by clicking on the menu button at the top, then Help and Check for Updates.

opera10 60

opera10 60

Everyone else can download the beta of Opera 10.60 at Opera Next.

The new release increases the HTML5 capabilities of the Opera browser. Opera 10.60 beta gains 30 points and 3 bonus points in the beta HTML5 test that we conducted 10 days ago. Opera closes in on Google Chrome which scored 212 points and surpasses the Firefox 3.6.4 browser by 20 points making it the second most HTML5 compatible browser available.

Four new HTML5 features have been added to the beta version of Opera 10.60, they are:

  • WebM support for HTML5 video (demo)
  • HTML5 offline web applications (demo)
  • Gelocation (demo, only partially implemented on Linux at this time)
  • Web Workers (demo)

In addition to those four HTML5 features a fifth, Cross-Document Messaging, received a major update in this Opera release.

The developers have improved further on the speed and compatibility of the browser. Opera 10.60 beta beats the latest dev version of Google Chrome by more than 700 points on our test system (Google Chrome 6, 9003 points, Opera 10.60 Beta, 9743 points) in the Peacekeeper browser benchmark.

It is safe to say that Opera 10.60 is currently the fastest browser with a reasonable market share on the planet. The developers have promised to increase the HTML5 capabilities of the browser in future releases. We keep you posted on these as well. You might want to check out the Ghacks web browser forum where the latest cutting edge snapshots of Opera are posted.

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