What Can You Learn from WTI Console Server Log Files?

WTI’s TSM and RSM series console servers both feature three different types of event logs: the audit log, the alarm log and the temperature log. Each of these three logs is used for a different purpose, allowing you to review recent events and activity at your serial console server. The data in these logs can be used to create an audit trail, to track environmental conditions, to learn more about alarm events and also to determine which user did what when.

Access to all three of these logs is restricted to users with supervisor or administrator level command access, allowing you to use the console server’s user directory to determine which accounts are allowed to review, download and erase log data. In addition, all three event logs can be configure to send records via Syslog whenever a log entry is generated.

The Audit Log
The audit log is used to track user access and command activity. Each time a user connects to the console server, the audit log will record the user/account name, the time and date of access, and a brief description of what the user did while connected to the console server, including the commands that were invoked and any configuration parameters that were changed. Data from the audit log can be displayed on screen, downloaded and saved, or erased as needed. The text below shows examples of typical audit log entries:

DISCONNECT Network TCP Port 23
LOGIN Network TCP Port 23
DISCONNECT Network SSH Port 22
DISCONNECT Logoff Char Port N01 & 03
LOGIN Invalid User Port 01

The Alarm Log:
The alarm log creates a data record whenever one of the console server’s Over Temperature Alarms, Ping-No-Answer Alarm (failed ping command) or Invalid Access Lockout alarms are triggered. Whenever an alarm is triggered, the console server will create an entry in the alarm log which denotes the date, time, alarm name and a brief description of the alarm. The text below shows examples of typical alarm log descriptions:

“Invalid Access Lockout” Network CLEAR
“Invalid Access Lockout” Network

The Temperature Log:
The temperature log is basically a record of rack temperature versus time. Each temperature log record will list the measured temperature and the time and date that the temperature was measured

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