Can Your Console Server Tell You When Error Messages are Received?

When a problem arises with a server or router or switch, many network devices can be configured to generate error messages and then send those messages out via console port. Sometimes, error messages can provide network administrators with incredibly useful information regarding system status and operating conditions, often allowing the administrator to address a problem before it’s even noticeable to network users … as long as the administrator knows that an error message has been generated in the first place.

But how can an administrator make certain that he receives each error message promptly? If you’ve got a laptop or PC connected to each console port on each network device, and you’ve got someone sitting in front of those laptops or PCs 24/7 watching for error messages, then maybe, just maybe (if you’re lucky) you could catch each message as soon as it’s generated. Sure, that kind of low-tech solution might work part of the time, but it would be a heck of a lot easier (and more reliable) to just let your console server watch for error messages.

WTI console switch products include a Buffer Threshold Alarm that can automatically alert you via email, SNMP or Syslog as soon as an error message is received. In this case, each port on the console switch serves as a buffer for any data that might be sent by the attached device. When data accumulates in the buffer, the console server can immediately notify the appropriate personnel, allowing quick response to potential problems, and ensuring that you’re able to address these problems before they bring network activity to a halt.

The Buffer Threshold Alarm is also tremendously flexible; it can be configured to generate an alarm immediately when even a small amount of data is received, or wait to generate an alarm until a more substantial amount of data is stored in the buffer. Notification can be sent via email, SNMP or Syslog, and the alarm can also be configured to re-send notification if there is no response from the party who receives it. In addition, the alarm can also send notification if the amount of data stored in the buffer drops below the user defined threshold, allowing confirmation when a problem has been dealt with.

Error messages can provide incredibly useful information for network administrators, as long as they know about them. The Buffer Threshold Alarm on WTI console server products ensures that you’ll always know about error messages, as soon as they’re received, allowing you to address problems with network devices before they become critical.

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