How Can SNMP MIB Compatibility Simplify Console Server Applications?

SNMP MIB support is a crucial element for a wide variety console server applications. SNMP MIB compatibility enables the console server or serial switch to address and interpret commands given by third party software such as Openview or Solaris, allowing the software to accept commands and poll information from the console server.

In order for SNMP compatibility to provide a wide range of control functions, it is essential that the MIB library is built in to the console server, allowing for easier compatibility and interface between the two platforms. These pre-defined libraries of MIB commands provide improved communication capabilities with third party software, ensuring that commands are correctly interpreted and executed.

This on-board library of MIB commands can be used to configure and control the console server, as well as retrieve status information and receive alarm notification messages. Although you can still manually log into the console server command mode and essentially accomplish the same tasks as you could via SNMP, MIB capability is often more convenient when you need to configure or poll multiple console server units.

SNMP MIB compatibility also helps to tie all of your various network elements together, simplifying the tasks of accessing multiple devices and keeping an eye on the various units in your network environment.

It’s important to note that all major server, router, firewall and blade server manufacturers have their own specific MIB packet that is configured to provide maximum compatibility with their network devices. In the vast majority of cases, MIB command sets will differ from one manufacturer to the next.

In modern data centers, SNMP MIBs perform a valuable role, both capturing data from a wide variety of devices and relaying critical information to a wide variety of end users. MIB commands can be employed to notify users when their devices have crashed or are in need of maintenance.

Console servers play a critical role in keeping your network up and running. Ideally, your console server should include features such as SNMP MIB compatibility in order to maximize network uptime and identify and address small problems before they turn into huge disasters, allowing you to constantly monitor the “health” of your equipment rack and make certain that your network is there when you need it the most.

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