How To Change The Icon Size In Windows Effectively

Do you have trouble seeing those small Windows icons? Here’s how to make them larger …

Windows users who want to change the icon size in the operating system need to dive deep into the Control Panel to find the preferences where the size of the icons can be changed. The Window Color and Appearance menu controls the default icon size and font in Windows.

The icon size can be changed in Windows Explorer as well. The View menu contains opens to change the icon size of the selected folder.

Most users do not know that there is an easier option to change the icon size, at least in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Pressing the Ctrl key and scrolling up or down with the mouse wheel changes the icon size of the active folder on the desktop or in Windows Explorer instantly.

This only works if the desktop or Windows Explorer are selected. The easiest option is to left-click on a blank spot on the desktop or in Windows Explorer before pressing Ctrl and using the mouse wheel.

The changes are saved by Windows and independent from each other. It is for instance possible to increase the icon size on the computer desktop while leaving all other icon sizes at their default value.

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