How To Place Drives In The Windows 7 Taskbar

Another helpful hint for Windows 7 users …

Only specific programs can be pinned to the Windows 7 Taskbar by default, there is no option to pin files, folders or drives to it. We have already demonstrated how to pin files and folders to the windows 7 Taskbar, and today we are going to explain how to add drives to the taskbar as well.

Placing drive shortcuts on the taskbar speeds up the process of accessing those drives. The standard options to open drives in Windows Explorer are to either double-click the computer icon and then the drive or to click the Windows Explorer icon and then the drive. Both operations require more clicks than the taskbar solution.

Here is what you need to do to place drive icons in the windows 7 Taskbar.

Right-click the computer desktop and select New > Text Document. Rename the document to Drive-X.exe. Make sure the extension is changed to exe. Replace X with the drive letter.

Now drag the new file to the Windows Taskbar and delete the file on the desktop afterwards. Right-click the icon on the Taskbar, move the mouse over the name, right-click on the name and selected properties.

drive link

drive link

Now edit both the target and start in fields so that they show only the drive path and no folders, for instance c:\ in both if a link to drive C should be placed in the taskbar.

drive windows 7 taskbar

drive windows 7 taskbar

You can optionally change the icon by clicking on change icon. That change however will only become active on the next logon, restart or if the explorer.exe process is restarted.

It is a good idea to select different icons for every drive that is added to the taskbar in Windows 7 to make the recognition easier.

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