WordPress 3.01 Released, Update Now

Here’s something for the bloggers to consider …

Nothing’s more refreshing than receiving a notification of a WordPress update the minute before going to bed. WordPress updates are serious, most of the time. Not updating the blog immediately could leave it open for exploits, and malicious users could do many bad things with that new found power.

WordPress 3.01 has been released a few minutes ago. The update is maintenance related, according to the blog post over at the official WordPress website. The new version fixes 50 minor issues in the blogging platform. The only – somewhat – security / privacy related issue that was fixed was a bug that allowed logged in users to view trashed articles of other users.

WordPress admins who are interested in the bugs that have been fixed in the release can take a look at Buqtraq which lists them all.

Everyone else can download the new version from the official website, or update the WordPress blog automatically from the admin dashboard. Updating the blog should be fast and smooth, considering the nature of the update. It is still advised to create a backup of the blog’s files and database before pressing the update button or starting the manual updating process.

Ghacks has been just updated, all my other blogs have to wait until the morning. Good night everyone.

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