Do You Need to Know When Power to Network Devices has Been Interrupted?

WTI RSM and TSM serial switch products include a power cycle alarm, which can be used to provide notification when power to the serial switch is interrupted for any reason. This may go without saying, but in most cases, when power to your serial switch has been interrupted, this generally means that power to your other rack mount network equipment has been interrupted too.

When the power cycle alarm is enabled and configured, the serial switch will send notification via email, SNMP trap or Syslog message whenever power to the unit is interrupted and then restored. This allows you to promptly respond to any power outages, enabling you to take corrective measures (such as rebooting effected devices), or send tech personnel out to investigate the reason for the power interruption. When power to critical network elements is interrupted, a dedicated IT professional will definitely want to know if the reason for the interruption was something simple, like a power cable accidentally removed from the power supply, or something serious, like a power supply that’s getting ready to fail completely.

WTI serial switches are designed with the specific intention of providing network administrators with better information regarding the status of vital network devices at all times. If rack temperature is unusually high, if a device fails to respond to a ping command, if an unauthorized user is trying to hack in to a network device, if the power supply is interrupted or if port buffers are full; TSM and RSM serial switches can let you know, promptly and discreetly, allowing you to investigate such abnormalities before a small problem becomes serious.

Serial switch products provide an extremely useful tool for anyone who’s charged with the responsibility of managing and control network equipment. In many cases, a serial switch allows you to address problems remotely, without the extra cost of sending a tech team out to a remote installation site to investigate in person. As long as an internet connection or dial-up service is present, you can log in to a WTI serial switch from anywhere on Earth, allowing you to manage and diagnose problems at remote sites around the world … without leaving your desk.

Since the mid 1960s, Western Telematic, Inc. (WTI) has been an innovator in the field of remote management for IT facilities. Our comprehensive product line includes a wide range of Serial Switch products, Switched PDU products and Remote Reboot Switch products to provide secure, remote management of servers, routers and other devices.

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