Google Chrome Stable Updated, Security Fixes

It looks like it’s time to download another update …

Google Chrome Stable is the only version of the Google browser that is still sitting at version 5. Both the beta and developer builds have moved on to version 6, with the dev versions even scratching on version 7.

Stable version updates on the other hand affect the majority of Chrome users, who are running this version of the browser.

Today’s stable channel update brings the Chrome version to 5.0.375.127 on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The security update fixes several vulnerabilities in the web browser, among them two with a severity rating of critical, the highest possible rating. Six of the remaining seven vulnerabilities are rated as high, and the last one as medium.

  • Critical Memory corruption with file dialog.
  • High Memory corruption with SVGs.
  • High Bad cast with text editing.
  • High Possible address bar spoofing with history bug.
  • High Memory corruption in MIME type handling.
  • Critical Crash on shutdown due to notifications bug.
  • Medium Stop omnibox autosuggest if the user might be about to type a password.
  • High Memory corruption with Ruby support.
  • High Memory corruption with Geolocation support.

Chrome stable users are asked to update their web browser immediately to protect the browser and computer system from possible exploits.

Updates are as usually available at the official Google Chrome website, and via the About Google Chrome menu in the browser itself.

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