Opera 10.61 Released, Download Now

It looks like the new release includes lots of interesting fixes and new features; probably worth checking out …

Opera has just released a new version of their Opera web browser. Opera 10.61 is now available for download after releases of three release candidates. Opera considers the new version a security and stability update, which makes it an essential update for all Opera 10.60 users.

The release notes of the new Opera version list several changes since Opera 10.60, among them three security fixes that prevent the execution of arbitrary code, programs and the automatic subscription to news feeds in the preview feed view.

opera 10.61

opera 10.61

Several additional fixes have been introduced to the display and scripting functionality of the browser. This includes Google Calendar compatibility, something that many Opera users have been waiting for. Other fixes in this category include fixing disk cache not working properly in turbo mode, proper handling of binary files (which have been handled as plain text files), widget changes so that they will all run and have network access after restarts, and blocking Opera Unite from listening on UDP port 1900 if UPnP service discovery has been set to off.

Finally, changes have been introduced to the Opera user interface as well, most notably a fix to prevent high CPU usage when loading animated png images in the browser, preventing Opera Windows from overwriting saved search preferences during installation and changing the default cookie behavior to accept all cookies.

User interface


* “Fraud Protection” renamed to “Fraud and Malware Protection”


* Relative paths not working in the Filename setting for Speed Dial background
* Premature shutdown when using vBulletin’s WYSIWYG editor
* Loading an animated png causes high CPU usage with no response from the browser
* yahoo.cn mailproviders SMTP entry not using a submission port
* Changing the default cookie preference to “Accept all cookies”
* Installing Opera 10.60 windows overwrites saved search preferences

Display and Scripting


* Google Calendar compatibility
* Unite listening on UDP 1900 even if UPnP service discovery is off
* Several cases where widgets will not run
* Premature shutdown when loading qq.com
* Setting the onload property of XMLHttpRequest blocks document memory from being garbage collected
* Opera treating binary files as plain text (opening it in the browser instead of showing a download dialog)
* Premature shutdown when loading the Canvas demo
* Printing from print preview results in either a freeze or corrupted page
* Widgets not having access to a network after restart
* “Accept cookies” and “only from the site I visit” settings being incorrect in Preferences dialog
* Premature shutdown occurring on startup of Opera under Windows 98
* Disk cache not working correctly in turbo mode



* Fixed an issue where heap buffer overflow in HTML5 canvas could be used to execute arbitrary code, as reported by Kuzzcc; see our advisory.
* Fixed an issue where unexpected changes in tab focus could be used to run programs from the Internet, as reported by Jakob Balle and Sven Krewitt of Secunia; see our advisory.
* Fixed an issue where news feed preview could subscribe to feeds without interaction, as reported by Alexios Fakos; see our advisory.

Opera 10.61 is already available for download at the Opera website. Opera 10.60 users can click on Menu > Help > Check for Updates to download and install the new version from within the web browser. Both downloads throw an error message currently. It is likely that this is only a temporary situation.

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