What Can SNMP MIB Support Do for Your Data Center?

SNMP MIB support provides a crucial element for console switch applications. MIB support enables the console switch to address and interpret commands issued by 3rd party software such as OpenView or Solaris, essentially allowing the console switch to accept commands and poll information via the 3rd party software.

Ideally, the MIB library should be built into the console switch operating system, in order to allow greater compatibility with polling software. The presence of a predefined MIB library also allows compatibility with a wider selection of 3rd party polling programs.

In addition to the polling functions discussed above, SNMP MIB commands can also be used to set configuration parameters, control console switch functions, retrieve unit status information and for generating event notification messages. Although these same functions are also available via the manual user interface, it is often more convenient to use SNMP MIB commands when deploying multiple units in order to quickly select configuration parameters and user access rights for each individual unit. Support for MIB commands also helps to effectively tie all of your network equipment together, simplifying the processes of accessing devices and reviewing network status.

While MIB commands can provide a certain level of uniformity when configuring network devices, it is also important to note that all major server, router, firewall and blade server companies also include their own, manufacturer-specific MIB packets with their products.

MIB command sets and MIB compatibility play a vital role in the modern data center, and are often employed to capture and send critical status information to end users, and to provide notification when network devices fail or cease to respond to commands. An intelligently designed console switch can help you to carefully monitor network equipment, checking for equipment problems and helping you to maximize network uptime and prevent disasters before they happen. The addition of SNMP MIB compatibility allows the console switch to provide an even more powerful network management tool, constantly monitoring the health of your equipment rack in order to ensure that your network is always up and running when you need it the most.

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