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Here’s a handy resource for anybody who’s involved in web development …

Even the most experienced web developer has to look up HTML properties and CSS elements from time to time. Several websites like the official W3C website offer references online, and some web development tools have references integrated in the app.

Codeburner, a free tool for the two web browsers Firefox and Opera, the Mac OS X operating system and Adobe Air offers another option. The web development reference offers quick lookups of HTML properties and CSS elements. Depending on the version installed, it looks slightly different.

Firefox users for instance can select to install it as a separate Firefox add-on or as a Firebug extension. The Firefox add-on places a search form in the status bar that can be utilized to search for properties and elements.



Just enter a search term in the form and hit enter. The Codeburner window will expand from the bottom and display various information about the element or property.

The add-on displays compatibility information about the property by default, with the option to display code examples in another sidebar on the same page.

html css reference

html css reference

Links are provided for more information online and to view a live demo. Both lead to the Sitepoint webmaster portal and are opened in new tabs.

Codeburner has also been integrated into the context menu. It is here possible to select an element on a page to display all of its properties. It is furthermore possible to open a full web page in the Codeburner window to see all elements used on that page.

Firefox users can change the behavior in the preferences. Here it is possible to remove options from the context menu and status bar, detach the Codeburner window from the browser, define keyboard shortcuts for the add-on, configure syntax colors and processor chunks, which determines the cpu utilization of the add-on.

Codeburner offers a solid reference for both HTML properties and CSS elements. Especially the integration in the Firebug add-on may appeal to many web developers, as they usually have Firebug installed. (via Techyard)

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