Display Full Images with Hover Zoom for Chrome

This sounds like a very useful feature … although the “on mouse over” part would make me a little nervous.

Many websites and services on the Internet display image thumbnails on their pages which link to a larger version of the image on a mouse-click. Shopping sites like Amazon display small item images, that link to the item’s product pages. All have in common that at least one click needs to be made to view a larger version of the image. On most websites, images are linked directly to their larger versions. On shopping sites like Amazon however, the smaller images usually lead to the product page, where the images need to be located and clicked again to view them in a larger version.

Hover Zoom for the Google Chrome web browser can display larger images directly on hover, on a lot of websites. The extension works fine on websites such as Amazon, Flickr, deviantart, Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Photos and eBay. A general rule of thumb is that it works on sites that link to a larger version of the image directly.

To use it, the Chrome user simply moves the mouse cursor over the image. A popup appears a moment later showing a larger version of that image on the same screen.

hover zoom

The initial delay before an image is shown in a popup, and other settings can be configured in the extension’s options.

hover zoom options

Here it is for instance possible to configure a hotkey that needs to be used for the image to be displayed. Other options include configuring a second hotkey so that images are displayed using the whole screen space. By default, Hover Zoom resizes the image to fit the browser window.

Finally, it is possible to change the delay, remove the extension icon from the address bar, remove picture captions in the popup windows, add viewed pictures to the browser’s history and configure sites where the extension should be disabled on.

Hover Zoom can be handy for Chrome users who often want to view the full sized images on sites that display them in thumbnail format.

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