Google Chrome Stable, Beta Security Updates

These look like some pretty important security updates for Chrome.

Today the Google Chrome development team has released an update for both the stable and beta channels of the Chrome browser. Both updates fix several security issues in the browser, and are therefor recommended updates for every Chrome user.

A total of nine different security issues have been fixed in both browser versions, of which one has been rated critical and six as high.

  • High Use-after-free when using document APIs during parse.
  • High Use-after-free in SVG styles.
  • High Use-after-free with nested SVG elements.
  • Low Possible browser assert in cursor handling.
  • High Race condition in console handling.
  • Low Unlikely browser crash in pop-up blocking.
  • Critical Fix bug 45400 properly on the Mac.
  • High Memory corruption in Geolocation.
  • High Memory corruption in Khmer handling.
  • Low Failure to prompt for extension history access.

The new versions can be updated from within the browser, by clicking on the Wrench icon in the header bar, and then on About Google Chrome.

Another option is to download the latest version of the web browser from the official download channels, which are accessible here (for Chrome Stable) and here (Chrome Beta)

In other news: Today is the day that the Internet Explorer 9 Beta will be released to the public. Interested users can tune in to a web cast at 10:30 PST to learn about the new features in Internet Explorer 9.

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