How to Copy Multiple Links at Once

Here’s a useful add-on for Firefox users …

If I want to open multiple links in Firefox, I make use of the excellent add-on Multi Links, which allows me to do that effortlessly. I recently however experienced a situation where I wanted to copy multiple links on a website, instead of open them. The prospect of copying dozens of links manually was not very appealing, neither were other options which all meant lots of manual work to copy those links from the page.

Usually, when I’m looking for a feature that is not there in the browser by default, someone else has already created a solution in form of an add-on. That was the case here.

A web search revealed the Copy Links add-on, which was more than suitable for what I had in mind. Copy Links adds functionality to the Firefox browser to copy all links on a page, or only selected links.

The latter was what I was after. The problem with copying all links is that this will also copy navigational links and other internal links. While some users may want that, I wanted to only copy the external links.

The functionality is integrated well into Firefox. A right-click on a page displays the context menu, which has been extended with two new entries. If no links are selected, only the option to copy all links is displayed in the context menu.

If at least one link is selected, the options to copy all links, or only the selected links are displayed.



The selected links, or all links, are copied to the clipboard of the computer. From there, they can be pasted into another application or text document.

Copy Links is only available for the Firefox web browser, and compatible with versions up to Firefox 3.6.

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