Microsoft Shuts Down Windows Live Spaces – Migrates to WordPress

I’m kind of surprised that Microsoft couldn’t make a blog hosting service more profitable; I guess there’s just too much competition in the blog-o-sphere these days.

A rough time lies ahead of the 30 million or so Windows Live Spaces customers who operate their own web blog at the Microsoft owned service. Microsoft’s Dharmesh Mehta revealed that Microsoft teamed up with Automattic, the parent company of the popular blogging platform WordPress, to migrate Live Spaces users to WordPress.

At the moment, notifications are shown to Live Spaces blog owners informing them about the upgrade possibilities.

Users have the option to upgrade right away, download the blog to the PC, delete their space or be redirected to their space if they do not want to make a decision at that moment.

The blog post surprisingly does not mention a timeframe for the migration. The notification after login however mentions that the clock is ticking which seems to suggest that Microsoft will eventually make the decision for the user.

Live Spaces users who opt to migrate to WordPress need to complete the following steps to do so:

Step 1: Connect

In this first step the Live Spaces users is asked to either log into an existing WordPress account, or click on the Connect button to log into Windows Live and connect the account with

Step 2: Creating a WordPress account.

In this step the user account gets setup if no previous user account exists.

Step 3: Creating the WordPress blog

Here it is possible to select a destination for the Live Spaces blog. Options are to create a new blog, or to select an existing blog.

current user new blog

current user new blog

Step 4: Migration

The whole process is explained in detail at the WordPress site, and I suggest existing Live Spaces users visit that page prior to migrating their blog to WordPress.

Microsoft is also offering support at the official Spaces Forum, which appears to be filled with migration related problems at the moment. Some users apparently are reporting missing contents after the migration, or problems during the migration. It probably may be a good idea to wait some additional time before starting the migration, considering that a large amount of users will migrate right away once their see the notification in Live Spaces.

Some questions are left unanswered at this point, for instance:

  • Is there a deadline for the migration. And if there is, what happens to Live Spaces blog that are not migrated by that time?
  • Are the blog posts 301 redirected to the website?
  • Are there backups in case the migration fails?
  • Why is Microsoft shutting down the service?

Windows Live customers who want to get started with their own blog, are from yesterday on redirected to as well to complete a similar series of steps to create a blog at the blogging provider. Windows Live Writer will also start using WordPress as the default blogging solution once the new version of Windows Live Essentials 2011 is released by Microsoft.

Are you a Windows Live Spaces user? What’s your opinion on the move?

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