Out of Band Management and the Global Economy

In today’s global economy, most large corporations have subsidiaries and division headquarters that may be strewn all over the world; many in remote, difficult-to-reach locations that can oftentimes only be reached after days of travel. The global nature of modern commerce is one of the main factors that makes out of band management solutions such a vital part of large corporate computer networks.

For example, a local weather station might be headquartered in your local city, but also have data sites and sensing equipment located on the tops of mountains, miles away from the offices that actually use that data. Likewise, a company might have its headquarters in the United States, yet have data centers and regional offices located in South America. In another case, a corporation might serve a sales market in Europe, while depending on manufacturing facilities in India and an accounts payable department in Mexico. These are just a few examples of how corporations often work globally.

There are obvious advantages to a global corporate structure, but there are also many complications involved with having important network equipment located all over the world. If an IT administrator in the United States is having problems with a router located in South America, it’s absolutely imperative to have a secure, out of band management strategy in order to allow that IT administrator to correct problems without having to physically travel to the installation site.

Without an out of band management solution, the only way to deal with a malfunctioning network element at a far-flung subsidiary is to travel there in person. This could mean hours or even days of travel time before the IT manager even gets close enough to the problem to be able to fix it. And during this time, the network element is still dead, communication is still down, and the complaints and questions from frustrated users continue to roll in.

But with an intelligent, well conceived out of band management solution in place, correcting problems at remote sites suddenly becomes extremely simple. Instead of hoping on a flight to Bombay or jumping on slow boat to China, the IT administrator can quickly establish an out of band connection with the installation site via dial-up or maintenance network, log in to a remote console server or power reboot switch, and quickly remedy the problem … usually in less time than it would have taken to drive to the airport.

As business grow and spread out across the globe, out of band management become more and more important to the IT administrator. Whether your remote equipment is located on the other side of town or on the other side of the world, an out of band management solution provides a dependable, secondary means to access remote network equipment when no other method of access is viable; saving time, saving money, and saving your IT staff for more important tasks.

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