QuickDrag – Speed Up Firefox Actions with Drag and Drop

This sounds like a pretty useful add-on …

The Firefox web browser offers a variety of add-ons that can speed up specific actions in the browser. Actions in this case mean everything that requires manual interaction, like searching for text in a specific search engine, saving an image on a page or loading an url that is not linked properly on the page.

QuickDrag, as the name implies, adds drag and drop to the browser to speed some of the actions. To be precise, it can speed up saving images on a page, loading urls and performing searches.

To save an image, the user would simply drag it a bit around, and the same operation is used to perform a search for highlighted text that gets dragged and website links.

Those three drag and drop operations are the standard features offered by the Firefox add-on. These are refined with hotkeys that need to be activated during the drag and drop process.

To open an image in a new tab, instead of saving it, a user would hold down the CTRL key while dragging and dropping the image. Urls, that are usually opened in a new tab when dragged can also be saved to the local computer by holding down ALT while dragging them on the page.



The settings of the add-on contain additional options. Here it is possible to select if tabs for web addresses and text searches should be opened in the foreground as opposed to being opened in the background which is the default setting. It is furthermore possible to make clickable links open in new tabs as well instead of providing search and save functionality. Clickable links by default can be opened in new tabs by middle-clicking. That’s why the program offers to search or save them only by default.

Finally, there is an option to disable the downloading of images when they are dragged. This in turn will open them in a new tab instead.

QuickDrag can speed up some actions in the Firefox web browser. It is best suited for Firefox users who often perform those while working in the browser.

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