Rapidshare Gets Major Overhaul

I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end of Rapidshare. Rapidshare provides a simple, useful way to exchange data … and yes, I mean legal data, not pirated music.

Rapidshare has been pressured from several angles in the past years. Law enforcement agencies that called for the shutdown of the service, or better controlling and filtering of uploaded files, rival file hosting sites that gained lots of ground due to attractive and more powerful disk space and traffic limits, and users who were fed up with all the waiting on the site.

A few days ago, Rapidshare changed the design of the site, and announced several changes to the file hosting service with it. Probably the most notable, and ridiculous change is the new slogan. Rapidshare is calling themselves now the anti-waiting company. Does that mean that free Rapidshare users do not have to wait anymore before their downloads start? Nope, not at all. Rapidshare, in their own words “wants to do something about this and has imagined something special for all its users: in the Anti-Waiting Lounge, users from now on can sweeten their waiting time and test themselves on various online games”. The waiting times remain the same, bt users now have options to play games while waiting. Does that sound like an anti-waiting company to you?



Rapidshare has also made changes to their pricing structure, and those may appeal to many users of the service on first glance. The file hoster introduced RapidPro back in July, a new service that allowed Rapidshare users to pay Rapids, that they could exchange for traffic and disk space. According to the news posting these values have been increased by five. Users should not get to excited yet, as the prices have increased by the same. Previously, Rapidshare users were able to convert 99 Rapids into 10 Gigabytes of storage, and 30 Gigabytes of traffic. The smallest amount of Rapids to buy was 400 Rapids for €4,99.

Now, users get 50 Gigabytes of secured storage and 150 Gigabytes of traffic for 495 Rapids. The price per Rapid appears to have remained the same (0,01€ per Rapid). This means, users get five times the space and bandwidth for five times the money. Does that sound like an improvement at all? No, did not think so, either.

Rapidshare account differences:

  • Maximum file size: 500 Megabytes for users with no account and free users, 2 Gigabytes for Rapidpro users. Uploads are only saved for free and Rapidpro users.
  • Downloads: Maximum file size is 500 Megabytes for no account and free users, and 2 Gigabytes for Rapidpro users. RapidPro users are the only without waiting time, the others have to wait 15 minutes between downloads. Rapidpro users can download as many files at the same time as they like, resume downloads and get the fastest download speeds.

Social features, called RapidContact, have been added to the site as well, as a final and last feature in the overhaul. This feature basically allows Rapidshare users to contact each other to communicate on the site.

What’s your take on the changes over at Rapidshare? Lots of hot air or good features that will help them turn around the decline over the last year?

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