Synchronize Firefox Add-Ons with Siphon

This sounds like an extremely useful add-on for Firefox users … especially Firefox users who are running a lot of add-ons.

I’m running multiple computer systems for various purposes, for instance a desktop PC and an Acer Aspire 3810T notebook when I’m on the road. As you would expect, I want to have access to the same kind of information and programs on both computer systems, which is done by syncing the data between the PCs.

When it comes to the Firefox browser, there are several synchronization options available, which all differ quite a bit. The popular Firefox Sync add-on for instance, which has been integrated into Firefox 4 natively, can sync preferences and bookmarks. Add-ons on the other hand are not synced by it, which is why an extra add-on like Siphon comes in handy.

Siphon basically can be used to synchronize add-ons, including their preferences and custom data, with multiple computer systems. All that is needed is to install the Siphon add-on on all systems, and link them together by logging into the same account.

Some users may be cautious during setup, noticing that the data is stored on a third party server. The add-on comes with options to configure another server for storage and synchronization purposes. The documentation on the developer site is rather limited on this point though, and it is likely necessary to contact them for additional information.

The account can be created directly in the interface of the add-on. Once created users need to log into the service, which will populate the add-on listing.

synchronize add-ons

synchronize add-ons

Siphon indicates if an add-on is installed, and provides an option to remove an add-on from the synchronization process. By defaut, all add-ons are synced. A checkbox next to each can be used to prevent the synchronization, which for instance makes sense if one of the add-ons is not compatible with the version of Firefox or the operating system on another computer.

Siphon offers an elegant and comfortable option to sync extension data between multiple Firefox installations. The developers should work on the documentation though, especially the custom server creation part.

Recommended add-on for every Firefox users with synchronization needs.

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