Why Does a Console Server Need SSHV2 Encryption Capability?

Most network administrators know that the main reason for adding a console server to your network equipment rack, is to provide remote access to command functions on servers, routers, switches and other network devices. Remote access capabilities provide administrators with the ability to manage and maintain network equipment without the requirement to travel to the installation site in order to access these functions directly. But as handy as remote access is, it also presents a bit of a conundrum: a console server needs to allow authorized personnel to access command functions, while also ensuring that unauthorized personnel are kept out.

Obviously, a simple password security system can keep most unauthorized users out, but what if that console server needs additional protection to prevent more determined intruders from accessing critical functions on extremely important network devices?

WTI console server products offer an array of security features, including as a dial back modem confirmation for secure out-of-band access, and TACACS, Radius, LDAP, and SSHV2 to for secure in-band communication. This provides multiple layers of security for our console servers, and further ensures that only properly authorized personnel are allowed to access critical command functions.

SSHV2 is an encryption format that provides secure connections between two devices in an unsecured network environment. SSHV2 encryption ensures that even if an unauthorized user is somehow able to intercept a packet during transmission, they still won’t be able to decode it or use it to gain access to the console server. SSHV2 is widely considered to be an industry standard for primary level security. When SSHV2 is deployed, you can also continue to use TACACS, Radius, or LDAP to provide an additional layer of security.

When it comes to allowing quick, easy, secure access to your console server, SSHV2 is vital. The ability to access command functions securely and quickly correct problems is key to efficiency and reducing network downtime. Secure, easy, quick access to command functions is the most important feature that a console server can provide. When selecting a console server for your remote network management application, make certain to choose a console server that includes the appropriate security features.

For over 30 years, Western Telematic, Inc. (WTI) has been an innovator in the field of remote management for IT facilities. Our comprehensive product line includes a wide range of Serial Console Server products, Switched PDU products and Remote Reboot Switch products to provide secure, remote management of servers, routers and other devices.

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