Apple Passes RIM, Becomes 4th Largest Mobile Phone Vendor

This is one of those stories that’s both surprising and “not surprising” at the same time …

It’s finally happened that embattled Blackberry Maker, Research in Motion, has lost the 4th spot of mobile handset manufacturers to Apple.

Figures from IDC and published by Engadget show that the league table now stands as…

  1. Nokia
  2. Samsung
  3. LG
  4. Apple
  5. RIM

…and given their recent and ongoing troubles, we can expect to see Nokia lose the top spot very soon.

According to IDC, Apple is now shipping 14.1 million handsets every quarter worldwide.  Further down the list, Sony Ericsson is apparently struggling but the company’s phones have lost their appeal in recent years.  It’s the first time Sony Ericsson has not been included in the list since 2004.

Full details of the top five companies with market share and manufacturing information can be found below, click on the image to view it full-size.

Apple have had their eye on overtaking RIM for some time, and this figure confirms a recent boast made by Apple supremo Steve Jobs.  Market leader Nokia still accounts for 32.4% of the market, though this has slipped from last year’s 36.5%

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