Breaking – Opera 11 Will Get Extensions

It will be interesting to see if this expands Opera’s user base …

Who would have thought that? ESPEN ANDRÉ ØVERDAHL over at Opera has just revealed that the next big iteration of the Opera web browser will have extensions. Yes, extensions like Firefox or Google Chrome. That’s probably the one major feature that is missing in Opera currently. Think of the possibilities for a moment. With extensions, it will be possible to port several of the most popular and important extensions to the browser, which will surely increase its popularity overall.

Will it have an impact on the browser’s market share? If the implementation is as solid as the rest, then it likely will.

Opera in the same post have announced that a first alpha version of Opera 11 will be made available soon at this web address.

Here are additional information about Opera 11 extension support:

What are Opera Extensions?

Extensions in Opera is a way for you to easily add new functionality to your Opera browser experience. Developers can easily create extensions using open standards (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) and supported APIs.

Extensions will be based on the W3C Widget specifications and this is being considered for an Open Standard effort.

Will Opera Extensions be similar to extensions in other browsers?

Yes, Opera Extensions will be similar in some ways and we have tried to make it easy to port extensions from certain browsers.

We are committed to open web standards and this is an important part of our strategy, so if you find us deviating from other solutions out there, this might be why.

What does an extension look like?

Some extensions have user interface elements, but not all. An extension can for example add a button next to the Google Search field with a popup menu when you click on it. Other extensions don’t have user interfaces at all, but run in the background.

How will I install Opera Extensions?

Once you have Opera 11 installed you can click on an extension and a small Install-window will appear. Click ‘Install’ and you’re done. You can also drag and drop an extension onto Opera Desktop if you have an extension stored on your computer.

What kind of APIs will you support?

With the first iteration of Opera Extensions we are focusing on open web standards and ‘getting it right’. Our alpha release supports injectable JavaScript, callouts, certain UI items and a basic Tabs and Windows API.

How can I get Opera Extensions?

Opera Extensions is not available yet. Once Opera 11 is out, you will be able to fully enjoy and use Opera Extensions.

Where can I find developer information on extensions?

Once Opera 11 Alpha is out, you will be able to find all the information you need to develop and publish extensions on our developer site Dev Opera.

Where can I find Opera 11?

Opera 11 Alpha will be made available soon at

Opera extensions may finally make Opera a valid contender in the “browser wars”. What’s your opinion on it?

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