Chrome Update Notifier – Receive Notifications of Google Browser Updates

This seems useful, both for workgroups who need to be on the same page, software version-wise, and also for those users who just want to know when a browser update occurs …

If you compare how Google Chrome and Firefox handle browser and extension updates, you may come to the conclusion that Firefox is more transparent than Google Chrome, as it displays update notifications prior to the update to the user. Chrome on the other hand updates automatically with no notification whatsoever prior or after the update.

This can be a problem. Not only on home systems but especially for companies and organizations with strict rules regarding software updates on the company network and computers. Why? Because updates may break or change features for instance.

Chrome Update Notifier, and Chrome Update Notifier Plus, are two extensions for the Chrome web browser that display update notifications to the user. The notifications are displayed after updates of the browser or extensions.

Depending on the extension used, they provide details such as the updated item’s name, version and a link to the official homepage that often offers additional information about the update.

chrome update notifier

Why two versions for the same extension? The latest development builds of Google Chrome now offer the means to monitor extension updates as well.

Chrome Update Notifier, which is compatible with all versions of Chrome only notifies the user if Chrome itself was updated to a new version. Chrome Update Notifier Plus, which is only compatible with Google Chrome 8 adds extension update notifications.

It will take some time until the beta and stable editions of the Google browser start supporting this new feature.

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