GoogleMonkeyR Makes Google Search More Comfortable

I’m always a little bit leery of third party software like this, but some of them are worth checking out …

Every Google Search user may access search settings to configure some settings, like the number of search results per page or if search results should be opened in a new window, or not.

The options available are limited, and third party developers have created numerous tools to modify Google Search one way or the other.

GoogleMonkeyR is a userscript that adds many additional options to Google Search. The configuration link is displayed in the upper right corner of all Google Search pages. A click on the link displays the options on the same page in an overlay.

Take a look at the userscript’s options below:

google search

  • Columns, change the number of search results columns from the default one column to two, three or four.
  • Ability to remove related searches, sponsored links and and search tools
  • Add numbers to the search result listing
  • Automatically load more results when the end of the search results page is reached
  • Don’t display the Google web search dialog
  • Change the background color of the search results listing
  • Make Google search results open in new tab for all search results, or only on iGoogle.
  • Disable Google tracking of the search results
  • Display favicons and / or Google Search Preview images for all search results.

Here is an example of how Google Search could look like after changing some settings in the userscript’s options.

google search userscript

GoogleMonkeyR is only compatible with the Firefox browser, and only if the Greasemonkey add-on is installed. It adds some interesting options to Google Search. Especially the ability to remove the tracking of the search resultsm the auto paging and the ability to display search results in up to four columns are worth mentioning.

Firefox users can install the userscript right from the userscript website if they have Greasemonkey installed. (via)

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