IE9 Beta Gets 6 Million Downloads in Two Weeks

I’m kind of anxious to check out IE9, so I can see for myself how it stacks up to other browsers …

Microsoft’s web browser market share has been hemorrhaging ever since the first launch of Mozilla’s Firefox browser.  Now the fight back has begun with the, frankly excellent, Internet Explorer 9 and the move towards HTML 5.

Both Google and Mozilla are including HTML 5 support in their latest browsers too, but neither have managed to generate as much buzz and excitement around it as Microsoft have.  For now at least they own HTML5.

This is reflected in the popularity of the new beta version of Internet Explorer 9 which has now seen 6 million downloads since it was launched last month.

Microsoft are touting this success and in a blog post today said…

Net Applications’ browser usage share report released today shows IE9 Beta usage share at 0.25% for the two weeks after launch. The tech enthusiast community is observing a notable increase in IE9 activity:  LiveSide reported IE9 Beta users accounted for 25% of their reader base, IE9 overtook IE6 users at DownloadSquad, and Network World reported poll results showing 47% of people intend to try IE9 Beta.   Additionally, we saw tweets from the likes of Ed Bott who noticed, “Halfway through Day 1 of IE9 availability, 8% of my ZDNet visitors are using the beta. Steady increase all day, higher than IE7.”

Many people who are still using Windows XP on netbooks or older computers will not be able to use Microsoft’s latest browser as it relies heavily on graphics rendering technologies that were not introduced until the launch of Windows Vista, and that are used to power the Aero Glass desktop theme.  Mozilla have now said they will also be using these technologies to power their next browser too.

This could cause problems for the security of people using XP who Microsoft and others have been trying to wean off the buggy IE6 for years now.

Microsoft are saying that the number of downloads they have had for the IE9 beta is double that what was seen for the beta of IE8 during the same period, but it is a very exciting browser and IE8 debuted some new features that, frankly, nobody needed or used such as web slices.

Microsoft’s overall browser share grew 0.57%  in September but the final release of IE9 next year could see Microsoft gaining market share much more significantly in the future.

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