Power Source Redundancy for Single Input Devices

Power source redundancy is a vital part of the infrastructure of most large data centers. The presence of a back-up power source in the data center helps to ensure that critical network devices such as routers, servers and firewalls are always up and running when they’re needed.

Typically, a power supply redundancy solution will include a main power source (in many cases, a city power line) and a secondary power source which is often derived from a generator or separate power line. Each network device is then connected to both the main power source and secondary power source, and in the event that the main power source fails or is unavailable, the power source redundancy solution then quickly switches over from the main power source to the secondary source.

This type of power source redundancy is relatively simple to set up … provided that your network equipment includes a secondary power inlet for connection to the secondary power supply. In the event that a device doesn’t include a secondary power inlet, then a power transfer switch, such as WTI’s PTS Automatic Power Fallback Switch is needed to provide power fallback capabilities. It’s actually not completely uncommon to encounter network devices that don’t include a secondary outlet; this is often the case with older network devices and can also be seen in certain models of routers and servers.

The PTS Automatic Power Fallback Switch is specifically designed to allow network administrators to implement a power source redundancy solution in their data center or network rack, without the need to replace older, single output devices such as routers and switches. Operation of the PTS is simple; your primary and secondary power supply lines are connected to the PTS power inlets, then the PTS power outlet is connected tot he single power inlet on your network device. If your primary power fails or is interrupted, the PTS will automatically switch over to the secondary power source. Later, if the primary power source is restored, the PTS will automatically switch back to the primary power source.

This means that there’s no need to replace single power inlet network devices in order to implement a power source redundancy solution. The PTS allows you to continue using your single input network devices, while still providing an intelligent, seamless solution for automatic power fallback.

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