Scrollbar Anywhere – Scroll Pages with the Mouse in Chrome

I can see a number of cases where this one would come in handy; it’s kind of surprising that it’s an add-on in stead of a standard feature …

You have three choices if you want to scroll a page in the Google Chrome browser. You can use the scrollbar at the right side of the browser, click the middle mouse button or use the page up / page down / cursor keys on the keyboard to scroll. That’s basically all you need to navigate pages. But what if your mouse does not have a middle mouse button? What if you are working on a laptop with a touchpad and not a mouse?

Having to use the scrollbar to fine tune the scrolling is time consuming. It is still possible to use the keys on the keyboard to scroll, but those cannot be used for precise scrolling.

That’s where the Chrome extension Scrollbar Anywhere aids the user. It was inspired by Firefox’s Scrollbar Anywhere.

scrollbar anywhere

The default functionality is mapped to the right mouse button, but can be modified to be mapped to the left or middle button with extra keys on the keyboard. The extra keys available are Shift, Cltr, Alt or the Meta / Windows / Tux keys.

That way, Chrome users can define specifically how they want to trigger the scrolling. It is probably best to use a combination of mouse button and keys to avoid conflicts with menus or other actions in the browser.

Other options available in the extension’s configuration include setting the top speed at which the page glides after releasing the trigger and the friction which defines how quickly the page stops when gliding. It is furthermore possible to disable dragging when clicking on text, which is useful for Chrome users who only set the scrolling to a single mouse button without additional key.

Scrollbar Anywhere is available for download at the Google Chrome extensions gallery.

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