Serial Console Server – Reliable Command Access for Mission Critical Network Devices

Generally, when we think of a console server, we usually think of a data center application that involves IT support personnel who need access to command functions on remote network equipment. For the most part, that stereotype rings true, but there are also plenty of other, more unusual applications that rely on the secure, remote command access that a console server can provide.

For example, console server capabilities are also quite useful in military applications, such as missile launch systems. This makes a lot of sense when you think about it, because maintaining and supporting a remote missile launch platform presents many of the same challenges that are encountered in remote network management applications.

Typically, modern remote missile launch systems are extremely high-tech operations, that inevitably include powerful computers that are used to calculate trajectory, war head delay and aiming, as well as GPS functions to ensure that a missile stays on course after launch. Like a data center, the remote nature of a missile launch platform can also benefit from the secure, remote command access capabilities provided by a console server. In the rare event that launch computers lock up or need reconfiguration, the quick, secure access provided by a console server can literally be a lifesaver.

When equipment at a remote missile launch facility locks up or requires reconfiguration, operators can gain instant access to vital command functions via dial-up/satellite connection or secondary network. The fast, reliable access provided by a console server becomes all the more critical when dealing with a life-or-death application like controlling missiles and launch facilities. In a defense application, there simply isn’t time for tech support personnel to drive to a remote location in order to manually reboot a troublesome device or reconfigure a malfunctioning computer. In cases like these, the need for immediate command access to critical devices makes it imperative that some sort of console server based out of band management solution is incorporated in the missile launch facility.

Obviously, this isn’t the most common use for a console server (or even one of the top ten, for that matter), but it provides a pretty good illustration of how a console server can perform a mission critical function, by providing immediate, secure access to command functions on your most important network devices; especially when you need that access the most. You might not need to manage a missile launch platform, but you do need to manage network devices that are as important to your company as a missile launch platform is to your country.

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