A DC Powered Console Server Can Go Places Where AC Power is Impractical

All remote network equipment applications can benefit from the secure console port access that’s provided by a console server. Unfortunately though, most console servers run on AC power, and if that network equipment is located at a remote site, or in other locations where only DC Power is available, then the only practical solution is a DC powered console server.

There are many situations where AC power just isn’t readily available; this is often the case for remote sites, power company sites, telecommunication facilities and other locations with high power consumption applications. In addition to serving well in locations where only battery power is available, DC power also creates less resistance and provides higher amperage for running power-hungry devices. A console server by itself does not consume all that many Amps, but the other equipment at the site might still need the high amperage provided by a DC power source.

A good example of a DC powered network application, would be monitoring applications at a power company. Typically, this type of application would include many individual DC powered monitoring devices, installed at different points along a power transmission line in order to allow administrators to quickly determine the source of problems when power is interrupted. In order to manage these many DC powered monitoring devices, a console server is usually deployed, but since the power lines and the monitoring devices use DC power and most console server products are configured for AC power, this situation can pose somewhat of a challenge.

Obviously, it would be incredibly inefficient to run an AC power supply line to each monitoring station, just to support console server access. This is precisely the sort of situation where a DC powered console server can prove itself to be a more convenient solution for console port access, and also much more economical than running AC power lines in an environment where DC power is already available.

For those who manage remote, DC powered network equipment installations, a DC powered console server is usually the only option available that can provide secure, remote access to console port functions, without the need to run new power supply lines. A DC powered console server saves both time and money by providing an inexpensive way to deal with remote network emergencies; ensuring less network downtime, and often eliminating the need to send service personnel on expensive road trips to remote facilities just to access a console port and invoke a few simple commands that could easily be managed via remote console port access.

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