An SNMP Enabled Console Server – Centralized Management for Remote Network Sites

Large, modern, corporate networks often include dozens of remote network equipment sites. Sometimes, these remote sites are located several states away; other times, they might be located on the other side of the Earth. With this in mind, it quickly becomes obvious that in order to maintain such a network, it’s vital for the network to include some sort of centralized management capability that allows network administrators to be kept informed of unit status at these remote sites. In many cases a console server that supports SNMP can provide an ideal solution for centralized management of remote network equipment sites in a large, far-flung corporate network.

An SNMP enabled console server can allow you to know exactly what’s going on at far off network equipment sites, and also provide access to command and configuration functions at remote installations. This allows the console server to report back to network administration personnel when critical conditions are detected at remote sites, and also provides network managers with the ability to poll collected data from remote console servers and quickly reconfigure multiple devices from a single, centralized management point.

Many console server products include the ability to generate alarms to notify operators when temperatures rise too high, when excessive invalid access attempts are detected, when the power supply is interrupted, or when anything else happens that could potentially disrupt the stability of the network. If the console server also supports SNMP, this allows the console server to send status and alarm messages to a centralized location, where they can easily be reviewed and acted upon by network administration staff.

In many cases, a console server with SNMP support provides the only sensible means for managing multiple network equipment sites; an obvious improvement over the way that things were done just a few short years ago when network support personnel were forced to continually travel to far off network installations, just to check unit status or look for signs of upcoming problems.

An SNMP enabled console sever essentially allows you to monitor multiple network devices at multiple locations from one, single centralized point. This allows you to pin point equipment that might cause network outages and target the source of problems, without sending your support personnel on a wild goose chase from one remote site to the next until they find the source of a problem.

In addition, SNMP capability also allows you to change configuration parameters at multiple remote sites from a single command point. This provides substantial improvement over the way these things used to be done, back in the age when the only way to make similar changes on many different devices was to access and reconfigure each device individually.

One common goal that almost all large, modern corporations have in common, is the desire to make the workplace more productive and more efficient. A console server with SNMP support provides an extremely intelligent way to accomplish these goals, by allowing network administrators to manage many different remote network facilities from a central location, eliminating the need for constant service calls to far off equipment cabinets and ensuring that your network support budget isn’t being wasted on excessive trips to remote sites.

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