Img2Tab Add-On – Load All Images in Tabs

This seems like an interesting add-on … but I’m still not sure why I’d need it.

Firefox users have quite a few options to view and save all the images that are displayed on or linked to on an Internet page. Two add-ons that we have reviewed earlier for the purpose are mentioned in the articles Save Images More Comfortably With Image Fetcherand Firefox Batch Image Downloader.

The new Firefox add-on Img2Tab offers a third possibility. It adds capabilities to the web browser to open all images on the active page in a new Firefox window. Each image is loaded in its own tab, making it an ideal add-on for users who visit websites regularly where multiple pictures or photos are posted per page.

Ideal candidates mentioned by the developer are forums like 4chan, or sites like Reddit.

img2tab firefox addon

The add-on adds two different options to the right-click context menu in Firefox. It is possible to open all actual images or linked images. The difference should be clear. Actual images are the images that are shown on the page. Linked images on the other hand will open linked image versions instead if available. It is often the case that thumbnails are displayed and larger versions of the images linked to from those thumbnails. Selecting actual images would load the thumbnails in tabs of the new window, selecting linked images on the other hand would open the larger image versions in tabs in the new window.

Img2Tab is not only available for Firefox but also for the Google Chrome browser. The Chrome version is linked on the Firefox add-on page. The extension may be handy for users who spend time on pages with multiple images that they want to view. Since the images are opened in tabs they are also stored in the Internet cache automatically.

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