Is Apple about to kill MP3?

This isn’t exactly “news;” Apple has been trying to kill off the MP3 format for years.

It’s long been rumored that Apple will launch a streaming music service to rival (erm… their rival) Spotify.  Now the company is talking up “an exciting announcement from iTunes” tomorrow with the headline “Tomorrow is just another day, that you’ll never forget”.

Nobody knows that the announcement will be but the concensus on the web, and I’d agree with them all, is to expect a subscription-based streaming service.

To be honest this could be an extremely good thing to help get people away for their frankly awful effort that is the iTunes software itself.  It remains to be seen though just how mobile network carriers will see the move.  The majority of purchases through the iTunes store will now take place on devices such as the iPhone and adding a streaming service could place significant stresses on mobile networks that have already had to introduce usage caps for some smartphone users.

Some people are also speculating that the move could see the beginning of the end for the MP3.  To be honest I would say that mobile and home broadband connections need to get much faster and more reliable for this to happen, though new technologies are already beginning to be introduced that can help on the road to this.  The CD and vinyl LP were hard to kill off because people liked a physical ‘thing’ they could hold and collect.  It can very easily be argued that people won’t have any such attachment to a digital music or video file.

Whatever the announcement, and however (un)forgettable it turns out to be, we’ll bring you the news here at

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