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These lesser-known anti-virus programs make me nervous … sometimes free anti-virus programs end up being more of a threat than the viruses that they claim to keep out.

It sometimes pays of to occasionally scan a computer system with another virus scanner. We all know that no security software in the world can protect against every known threat. Even if the software catches 99,9% of all malicious files it still means that every 1,000th file slips through.

Using another security software to scan the system and verify that it is clean is therefor something that users should do regularly.

NoVirusThanks Anti-Rootkit Free is a free software program that scans for rootkits on the system. Rootkits are sneaky programs that try to hide their presence on the operating system, check Wikipedia for an in depth description. The program is only available for 32-bit systems. NoVirusThanks has created a free version and a paid version, which differ in four aspects. The paid version offers free technical support and product updates, smart process termination and commercial usage, everything else is offered in both the free and paid version.

The rootkit scanner offers a quick report scan on startup that lists potentially dangerous files. It leads to in depth information that are sorted in tabs.

This is highly technical and most users will probably rely on the quick report only to see if rootkits are installed on their system. The anti-rootkit software detects known and unknown threats, with the latter requiring some technical knowledge on where to look and how to interpret the results. The program tries to aid the user by highlighting potentially dangerous system files in red.

Anti-Rootkit is available for download at the NoVirusThanks website. The free edition is compatible with all 32-bit Windows systems.

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