Opera 11 Beta Available

Strange that Opera is only a few years old … but they’re already up to version 11.

With Google Chrome leading the development pace, at least when it comes to increasing the version of the browser, Opera is second fastest in the game. The Norwegian company has just posted the first beta of Opera 11 on their website. This marks another big step in the development of the web browser, considering that Opera has changed a lot in the browser.

Opera 11 will be the next iteration of the web browser. Probably the most interesting feature addition in Opera 11 is the extension engine which brings extensions to Opera. Extensions work pretty much like they do in the Chrome browser, with extension installations requiring no restart of the browser.

opera 11 beta

But extensions are just one of the new features of Opera 11. The desktop team has improved the performance and speed of the browser further, making it one of the fastest on the planet. And while we have vowed to look at other values from now on, speed is still an important trait of every web browser. And Opera delivers.

Opera 11 Beta comes with a brand new feature that the developers call tab stacking. It basically allows the user to stack tabs on top of each other.

opera tab stacking

It basically allows to drag and drop tabs on top of each other. This is then indicated with a small arrow on the right side of the parent tab. Hovering the mouse over the tab displays thumbnails of all tabs of the group.

The main problem for me personally is that it is not possible to see which tabs are stacked together, besides from the parent tab. This means that users need to move the mouse over the tab to see the other tabs stacked there.

The Opera team suggests several uses for tab stacking, including stacking tabs for later usage, for different tasks and for more space on the tabbar.

Oh, and if you close the parent tab the next tab in line will automatically be promoted to parent tab.

Interested users can download Opera 11 Beta directly from the Opera website (via).

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