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Ads take up bandwidth; so therefore, the more ads that one blocks, the faster that pages download.

I don’t like ad blockers as I make my living from those ads. The more users install ad blockers, the less money I make. It is that simple. My hope is that regular visitors of my sites turn off their ad blockers or NoScript add-ons when they visit my sites. But enough about that.

I do however understand the need for ways to protect the browser and computer from script based attacks, and there is nothing better for that than the Firefox NoScript extension or an equivalent for other browsers. The NoAds extension for the Opera 11 browser combines both ad blocking with NoScript functionality.

Opera 11 users can install Noads by visiting the add-on’s page over at the Opera extensions site. The installation is quick and without a browser restart. NoAds works right after installation on most sites.

The extension places an icon in the Opera address bar that opens the configuration menu.

opera noads

Probably most interesting is the Preferences link that opens the extensive tabbed configuration page. It loads the site preferences by default listing all blocked external scripts as well as css filters and user css filters.

Here it is possible to add external scripts to a whitelist, or allow all scripts on the website.

site preferences

The global Preferences tab lists the whitelisted scripts, as well as user css filters and css filters. The subscriptions tab can be used to subscribe to an ad blocking list which is then used to automatically block the ads on the listing. Available are lists for the United States, Germany, France, Russia, a general list and a custom option to add an url to another listing.

Elements on a page can be blocked as well. This is done with the following shortcut keys:

  • Block ads – Alt+Shift+A
  • Block element – Alt+Shift+B
  • Unblock – Alt+Shift+U
  • Unblock latest element – Alt+Shift+L

Pressing the Block Element hotkey for instance opens highlights all element blocks on the page. A left-click can then be used to block the current element on the page permanently, or at least for as long as it is not unblocked again. This is excellent for removing elements on a website that are not ads but not needed or distracting.

NoAds is an excellent add-on for the Opera web browser. The extension has its quirks though which need to be sorted out. It is for instance sometimes necessary to switch tabs back and forth before the icon in the address bar becomes active.

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