Physical Disk Speed Monitor

I’d be kind of surprised if Windows itself didn’t offer a similar tool for disk speed monitoring …

It can sometimes be important to monitor the performance of a hard drive. Situations where this may be a valid option are to assess how a hard drive performs under normal usage conditions. It may also help to see if a software is pushing the drive to its limits, or to realize that the drive is not delivering the advertised speeds (anymore.)

Physical Disk Speed Monitor is a lightweight portable software for Windows that can do just that. All it takes to monitor a hard drive in realtime is to select its drive letter from the list of connected drives.

The application starts the monitoring right away and displays the read and write speeds of the drive in the program interface.

physical disk speed monitor

The read and write speed of the selected drive is displayed in MB, and there is an option to display the total read and write speed.

A few applications for Physical Disk Speed Monitor come to mind. The program may be used to find out how taxing a specific application is, and if the drive is able to handle those performance needs. It may also be used to benchmark a drive to see if a drive delivers the speeds advertised. This can be helpful in determining if a drive is about to fail, as low speeds can be a sign of a nearing disk failure.

Physical Disk Speed Monitor requires the Microsoft .net Framework. It has been tested under a 64-bit edition of Windows 7, and will run on most Windows operating systems. The program is available for download at the developer website.

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