SNMP MIB Compatibility and Console Server Management

When choosing a console server management solution, it’s vital to ensure that your solution provides compatibility with third party software products such as Openview or Solaris. The reason for this is because these products provide network administrators with a centralized point of access from which they can manage many different network devices scattered across multiple network equipment sites, instead of addressing each network component individually. The best way to make certain that a console server management product is compatible with these third party products, is to choose a solution that offers full SNMP MIB support.

In centralized network management applications, SNMP support is crucial; SNMP MIB compatibility enables the console server management unit to communicate with third party software, allowing the software to poll the console server management unit, interpret commands and provide centralized monitoring and operating capabilities.

Simple SNMP compatibility is just the start though; it’s also important that the MIB library is loaded into the console server management unit itself, in order to provide a quick, comprehensive, stable interface between the management software and the console server management unit. The presence of a library of MIB commands in the console server management unit itself improves communication with third party centralized management software and ensures that commands are always interpreted and executed promptly and correctly.

An on-board MIB command library enables the management software to issue commands to configure and control the console server management unit, and also allows the collection of status reports, alarm notices and other information from the console server management unit. This provides an increased level of efficiency when the management software is used to configure or address several different console server management units located at different equipment sites on your network.

The importance of full SNMP MIB support becomes even more clear when you consider the fact that all major router, firewall, server, switch and blade server products now include a specialized MIB packet that provides compatibility with the same third party management software products that the console server management unit will interact with.

Console server management units provide a vital tool for network administrators who are faced with the task of monitoring, maintaining and supporting a wide variety of network devices located at remote equipment sites, scattered throughout a large corporate network. Full SNMP MIB support simplifies the task of communicating with centralized management software, thereby helping to ensure that administrators are always able to access console server management functions when they are needed in order to diagnose and troubleshoot remote network problems before they bring the an entire network to it’s knees. An intelligent, well-designed console server management solution with SNMP MIB compatibility essentially allows you to reach out across your network, and address problems that might originate miles away from your office, without even leaving your desk.

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