Static Routing – An Important Feature for Any Console Server Application

When a network crashes due to equipment malfunction, it’s always handy to have more than one way to access and fix the source of the problem. If your primary network gateway is down, a well-conceived out of band management solution should always provide at least one alternative means to communicate with remote network devices. In cases like this, a console server that allows static routing can prove itself to be a very useful tool.

A console server with static route capability allows you to predefine alternate routes for sending data such as alarm messages and SNMP traps when the primary network is not available. In addition, static route capability also allows network administrators to communicate with remote network devices via network subnet when the primary network is down. This means that when the primary network is down, network administrators can still access the console server via dial-up or secondary out of band network, and then create an outbound connection to the network subnet in order to communicate with remote devices, change configuration parameters or view unit status.

Obviously, static route capability isn’t a feature that you’d use every single day, but in the event of a glitch or network crash, static routing often provides the only available alternative to allow continued communication and access to command functions at remote network equipment sites, allowing you to diagnose and correct the problem that caused the crash, without actually traveling to the remote site in person.

A console management solution that provides a means to gain access to remote devices, even the primary network is not available, can save both time and money by eliminating unnecessary trips to remote equipment sites. When added to network infrastructure that already includes out of band management capabilities, static routing helps to ensure fail safe network operation by ensuring that remote console management access is always available, even when normal network communication is not possible.

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