Vista to Windows 7 Upgrade Downgrades IE9 to IE8

If you’ve recently upgraded Vista to Windows 7, you might want to check to see if the version of IE that you’re running is still up to date.

Windows Vista users who have been testing the beta of Microsoft’s latest web browser Internet Explorer 9 may be in for a surprise if they upgrade their Vista installation to Windows 7. What happens is that these users will notice that Internet Explorer 9 is no longer installed on their computer system. Instead, Internet Explorer 8 is once again on the system. In short, the upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 will downgrade Internet Explorer 9 to Internet Explorer 8 if present on the system.

Microsoft explains the issue the following way:

When you upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7, the upgrade process does not check the current version of Internet Explorer. Windows then installs Internet Explorer 8 from the Windows 7 installation source.

Microsoft acknowledges the issue in a Knowledge Base article on but does not offer a solution for the problem. The resolution they do offer in the support article is to install Internet Explorer 9 Beta after the upgrade to Windows 7.

It is not likely that many Windows users are affected by the issue considering that Internet Explorer 9 is only compatible with Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7. And those that are affected by the issue do not lose any data in the process. Favorites and settings should still be there and the re-installation of Internet Explorer 9 should fix the problem once and for all.

Still, if you are running Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and plan to test Internet Explorer 9 and upgrade to Windows 7 you should start with the upgrade of the operating system first before installing Internet Explorer 9.

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