A Secure Server Console Switch for the Finance Industry

Since server console switch products are used in a variety of different applications in many different industries, it’s predictable that each industry looks for a different set of features when selecting a server console switch. Some market sectors are more concerned with port configuration parameters, others are more concerned with environmental alarms, while others are more interested in port buffering capabilities. But in the finance industry, the most important server console switch feature is always security and authentication.

Obviously, security and authentication features are of utmost importance for the finance industry for two reasons: First, because the finance industry deals with large sums of money, and secondly, because of the element of trust that customers expect from the finance industry in protecting their assets and keeping those assets secure. If it was found that a financial institution couldn’t keep its own network secure, then it only follows that their customers might assume that the institution couldn’t keep their investments secure either.

In order to fit the requirements of the finance industry, a server console switch should be able to provide multiple layers of security to deter unauthorized access to network equipment. Features such as TACACS+, RADIUS, LDAP, HTTPS, SSL encryption, SSH V2, Dial-back Security and Kerberos should all work together to protect access to vital network functions and ensure that each user is properly authenticated and vetted before access is allowed. That’s why WTI server console switch products are often the choice of IT professionals in the finance industry; we’ve made certain that our products include the latest versions of the most formidable security and authentication protocols available, including all of the security features listed above.

Network administrators who work in the finance industry know that they can depend on WTI server console switch products to keep their networks safe while still providing timely, reliable access to command and diagnostic functions on their vital network devices. Out of band management capabilities are an important part of any network, but they’re only effective when they can also provide top level security to protect customer data, account information and assets and keep them safe from unauthorized access.

Western Telematic, Inc. (WTI) designs and manufactures remote device management products for IT applications. WTI’s Serial Console Server products, Remote Reboot products, Switched PDU products and A/B Fallback products are engineered to allow you to securely manage and troubleshoot rack equipment in remote locations.

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